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What Makes Us Different - Skre Gear

What Makes Us Different

SKRE was founded by a group of regular guys who have a passion for hunting and an obsession for crafting the best hunting gear on the planet. SKRE gear uses all proprietary fabrics designed for hard mountain use by hunters who are serious about success. Because our fabrics are proprietary, we do not pay royalties to partner fabric companies that charge premium prices due to excessive marketing expenditures. The result is premium gear at a responsible price.

Research and Design

We partnered with one of the top concealment specialists in the world to design effective concealment patterns that give hunters the edge when it comes to closing the distance on a trophy of a lifetime. MTN STEALTH and Summit concealment patterns were born out of this process and are the most universal patterns in the industry- thriving in multiple habitat environments around the globe. When you buy any piece of SKRE gear, you can be confident our gear has been tested around the globe in harsh environments by serious mountain athletes who push the limits of success.

Quality Customer Service

SKRE is not only known for crafting extreme mountain hunting gear, but our customer service is at the front of the pack with our industries best warranty. If for any reason you have an issue with any piece of SKRE gear, send it back for a no questions asked exchange or refund.

Best of all, we have a sizing guarantee. If you receive an item that doesn't fit, we pay the return shipping until you are properly sized. How's that for customer service!

If you are as serious as we are about our hunting gear, give SKRE gear a try. We think you'll be impressed.

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