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Whitetail Hunting Episode 8: Rutting Bucks in SE Kansas

Whitetail Hunting Episode 8: Rutting Bucks in SE Kansas

Flipp Wheeler has been playing J.V. football, so even though the whitetail archery hunt in Louisiana started a week earlier, he and his dad, Locke, haven't had a chance to get out and hunt yet. Even with football games and practice, Flipp has been shooting his bow - getting ready for hunting season. And this is going to be not only his first hunt of the season, but Flipp is looking to get his first ever deer with his bow.

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First Night

Flipp: We haven't seen anything yet. We only got like 15 minutes left of shooting light.

First Morning

Flipp: This is our first-morning of the whitetail archery hunt this year. We're going back to the same spot we went to yesterday. The wind’s still good, but it’s supposed to shift throughout the day. So this is our last chance to hunt this spot this weekend. After we’re done hunting we’re going to plant some food plots, then we’re going to sit for a while and try and get something.

Planting Food Plots

Locke: It's the second weekend in October in Louisiana. And this is my property, that's right behind my house. We've hunted it a couple of times, but we have a lot of damage from Hurricane Ida. And we haven't really gotten in to fix all of our stands. So we have limited spots we can get in and hunt until we get all the work done.
We're out here planting food plots today. We have nine plots in this place. About six and a half total acres of grass. Early season hunting in the South is really tough. If we plant too early, the worms get all our food plot. So we kind of have to wait until the season gets going and that's what we're doing today.
Give it about two or three weeks and these will be pretty green. And as the weather starts to get cooler, hopefully, we'll be able to get some more stuff out here on this property. We got a couple of nice bucks on camera already and there's always a few more that show throughout the season.
So hopefully we'll be back and you'll see some of these plots on video this season. Maybe we'll be hunting over some of them, get some deer out in them.

The Hunt Continues

Flipp: It’s October 17th.
It's October 24th.
October the 29th.

October 30th

Flipp: He’s coming
Locke: Yeah that’s him.
Just focus on your shot. When he gets in the open that’s when you gotta shoot him.
Flipp: Now?
Locke: Wait. Wait until I tell you, okay?
Have you got him? [deer call] Good shot!
Flipp: Oh my god, I got him.
Locke: Wait wait wait. We don’t know that you got him. Hold on.
You hit him.
Flipp: He dropped! He dropped!
Locke: Yup yup yup.
Flipp: Oh my god, that’s my buck! That’s my buck. That’s the one I was after!
It’s him! We got him dad! My first deer with my bow. The buck I was after. I’m so happy. Yes!
I can’t believe it. I'm gonna call Mom.


Flipp: Oh my god. This is my biggest buck. [counting points] Do we count this?
Cameraman: Sure. That's ten.


Locke: It's October the 30th. It's the day before Halloween and we're hunting behind our house on our property in Louisiana. And this is Flipp’s first-ever buck with a bow. Not only is it his first whitetail archery hunt - this is the first year he's ever even drawn back and shot at a buck with a bow. And we've been taking pictures of this deer for a month and we're really not hunting the spot that we expected to kill him. We’ve been taking pictures of him in another spot and the wind’s not right to hunt there. So we came here this morning.
This a hardwood flat and thought it'd be a good travel area for the morning time. I actually got a picture of him at this spot last night for the very first time. So I thought he might be coming from he's been feeding over there, working back this way. But I really wasn't expecting to see this buck. I just knew he was in the area. And we got really close last night on another nice eight-point, but he saw us or smelled us. And we didn’t get a shot.
But this panned out perfect. And he made a great shot. 20-yards. Couldn't ask for anything better. Are you excited, buddy? This deer’s really cool. He's got this side that makes a drop tine and all kinds of crazy points. And we're excited.
It's not even November yet. We still got a full season ahead of us. And this is just a fine, Louisiana Buck. Proud of you, buddy. Congratulations.
Flipp: That’s how we do it!

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Whitetail Hunting Episode 8: Rutting Bucks in SE Kansas
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